Learning to Levitate in 30 Seconds

SyFy’s been hard at work promoting season 2 of The Magicians, and in doing so brought a little magic to NYC. Determined to learn some tricks, I headed over to The Hall of Magic in Brooklyn!

Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about The Magicians. I still haven’t even seen the first season. But I’m a sucker for magic, so I couldn’t pass this up!

Upon entering, you’re checked in and asked to sign a safety waiver. A convenient coat check will hang on to your winter layers, and it’s there that you can also trade in your ID to borrow a pair of Spectacles so you can record hands-free through the Hall. I’m a sucker for Snapchat as well as magic, so I obviously opted in. You can see my snap walkthrough below. The circular video is a product of the Specs!

As you can see, the Hall is divided into rooms, each containing an independent experience. One had walls made of books, another was entirely comprised of blinding white light, yet another was a winding path through a forest with colorful, pulsing plants and a dining set that moved of its own accord, etc. Some other highlights:

The Apothecary: Every surface was lined with jars of herbs and spices which we were free to smell and taste (my favorites were nutmeg and chamomile). Books strewn about could be opened, their pages illuminated from within. Greenery hung from the ceiling in branches and bunches. Most importantly, however, was the actual apothecary, a kind young woman who could read your palm and tell you what type of magic you had at your disposal. As it turns out, I’m an illusionist, which she said lends well to my creative side. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a healer. We were each given tiny white crystals to harness our powers.

The Battle RoomA place to practice your magic! By focusing and karate chopping the air at a target, I turned on a light, disrupted some picture frames and set a fan spinning. If you come in a group, you can face off against someone else to see who can do the most!

Stargazing: A small room where you could lay on your back in the grass and gaze up at the stars… which, curiously, took your shape in the sky even when you moved.

The Cottage & The Fillory: A tiny room and a tiny forest, respectively, trapped inside the peepholes of two doors. The detail was incredible!

The Classroom: This was where I brushed up on my magic. Aside from a vast collection of books that you could pick through, The Classroom was also home to a game of mental skill. My boyfriend and I donned headsets that somehow picked up on our concentration as we each tried to roll a metal ball across the table without touching it. I don’t know how those contraptions worked, but they were fun. According to the official The Magicians Twitter, The Classroom also seems to be a place where The Beast occasionally appears. The Beast, mind you, is a strange faun-like figure that we saw represented often in artwork throughout The Hall. Thankfully we didn’t run into it, but its appearance would explain the screaming we heard later on.

The Beast peered back at me through this mirror.

If you’re anything like me and want to learn a trick or two of your own, you can reserve free tickets to visit The Hall of Magic through January 29th. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed by the experience. If advertising was SyFy’s goal in this exhibit, they succeeded… because they’re about to have one more fan of the show!

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