The Dangers of Geek Entitlement: #SHEroes

#GeekSHEroes is a project organized by Fort Knox and XPatGirls dedicated to combating harassment and bullying in “geek spaces” such as cosplay. I was invited to share my experiences regarding harassment culture back in something like August… several months later, here we are! (I’m a terrible person.) Click play on the video above to check out my thoughts.

For context: I wrote a little bit about what I call this “geek entitlement” phenomenon a few years ago. You can find that piece here.

tl;dr: We shouldn’t try to redefine what a “geek” is or what a “cosplayer” is to put others down. Otherwise, we’re excluding people from our lives for not having the same passion or dedication for something as we do, and we’re no better than the bullies who we thought we countered by making “geek culture” mainstream.

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