Philly Con Interview Master List

So many interviews from Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con! Here’s the full collection for your convenience (and my own sanity).

  • Superman: Earth One artist Shane Davis talks about the next volume of the popular Clark Kent origin story and a secret Marvel project.
  • Prince of Power, Amazing Spider-Man, and Chaos War artist Reilly Brown shares his great experiences with Marvel and his affinity for Deadpool. Plus, a sneak peek of his own comic, Power Play!
  • Arthur Suydam gives me a lesson on what it means to be the “Zombie King,” chats about his music career, and offers his opinion on who would win in a Batman vs. Predator battle.
  • The Walking Dead’s Addy Miller tells me what it was like to be a creepy little zombie girl and hints at some future projects.
  • Amazing Spider-Man artist Humberto Ramos shows me the goods for his own comic, Fairy Quest, and gets us all excited for Marvel’s new Spider-Island arc.
  • Moon Girl’s Johnny Zito and Tony Trov explain how their partnership and comic came to be, then Johnny clarifies why he needed to order a truckload of maggots for their movie project (gross!).
  • Illustrator Dennis Calero promotes his webcomic, Devil Inside, and shares my excitement for the Cowboys and Aliens movie.
  • Don Oriolo, carrier of the Felix the Cat legacy, shows off his new line of amazing guitars and sings me a song.
  • Artist Scott Ethan Ambruson tells me about his convention plans, inspiration, and print-making process.
  • Popular online artist Ian Glaubinger lets me flip through his amazing pop culture pieces and explains the importance of convention exposure.


  1. M.G. Harmon September 27, 2011 at 9:03 PM

    Good to see you post again. And you’ve been busy–sounds like it was a great Con.

  2. Fabricio September 28, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    Interesante recopilación. Hoy empiezo a ver estas entrevistas.Excelente!!


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