On Representation and Libraries

Last month, a journalist named Pete shot me a message requesting help with a story he was putting together for University. I was happy to answer his questions, and the final result was published online not too long ago: “Marvel and D.C. comics fail at affirmative action.” I recommend giving it a read and picking through the extensive data analysis he’s provided, which really highlights the changing comic book market.

In the same vein, I got a pingback in my inbox from a different author– turns out my Women Don’t Read Comics article was linked to in a piece by Director for Library Undergraduate Services at Oklahoma State University, Matt Upson: Comics on Campus: Starting a Successful Graphic Novel Collection at Your Academic Library. Another important read, especially for you scholars out there!

(Banner image from Ms. Marvel #2 by Jamie McKelvie)

Latinas in Comics Panel

The always lovely Regine Sawyer of Women in Comics NYC and Lockett Down Productions invited me to speak on a special Latinas in Comics panel back in March. What an experience! I had the honor of speaking alongside industry veteran Alitha E. Martinez (DC Comics’ New 52 Batgirl, Papercutz Comics’ WWE), webcomic artist Savanahh Zambrano (Unlazy), artist and educator Quiara Escobar (NYC DOE), illustrator Sara Woolley (Charlotte and the Quiet Place), and artist/journalist Suzy Exposito (MTV, Riot Grrrl Problems). I think I learned just as much participating in the panel as the eager group who came to listen, packed neatly in the sunny Poe Park Visiting Center.

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Comicsverse Podcasts: Rogue & Kamala!

I was invited to speak on not one but two podcasts over at Comicsverse!

The first features X-Men’s Rogue, including a detailed history of her appearances in comics and an in-depth character analysis.

The second features the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. It explores her importance in the Marvel Universe and just what makes this teenager so very, very special.

Check ’em out, let me know what you think and make sure to show the Comicsverse folks some love.

CLOSED: Mockingjay Review + GIVEAWAY!

CONTEST IS CLOSED. Congrats, Benjamin!

Have I mentioned how much I love my job? Because I love my job. Last Wednesday, Tumblr took us out for a treat: a pre-screening of Mockingjay. I read The Hunger Games over a year ago and I’ve been a huge fan ever since, so just try to imagine the sounds I made when we received the invitation. Check out my review below and make sure you enter the contest for a chance to win an official Katniss poster!

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COSPLAY WARNING: Don’t order from Jim Logan Props / I Am Your Heroes / JLFX!

Hello, Internet! I’m here with a very important public service announcement regarding one of the most notorious con artists in the cosplay community, “Jim Logan” of Logan PropsI Am Your Heroes and Jim Logan FX (AKA the JLFX). So, if you’re a cosplayer, aspiring cosplayer, cosplay admirer, photographer, entertainer, comic book fan or any combination of the afore-mentioned, please read the post below in its entirety. I’ll be talking about who this man is, why he’s built such a bad reputation, how he scammed me out of half a grand and the personal experiences of countless others. Here we go!

* IF YOU HAVE ALSO BEEN SCAMMED: please see the bottom of this post for how to report fraud!

UPDATE 5/28/17 (see bottom of page): A few new developments have unfolded, including a (failed) attempt by “Jim” to start a new Etsy shop and a resolution from Paypal after three years. I’m also posting a conversation I had with Aaron Schoenke, co-founder of Bat in the Sun, which I had kept secret for about three years out of respect for his wishes. Since he can’t keep his word, however, I see no reason why I should keep mine.

UPDATE 5/30/15: A while ago, Planet Platypus and I compiled a total of how much he’s scammed from only the victims we know of. The total reaches over $13,000.

UPDATE 11/11/14: “Jim” has posted a “short” (4,000 word) statement addressing recent criticisms. Oh, boy. tl;dr version at bottom.

UPDATE 11/7/14: He’s been deactivating and reactivating his pages in response to the negative press, nobody is surprised. He has also been messaging past victims, often rather rudely.

UPDATE 11/5/14: Tons of reports are coming in from others who have been scammed, too. He’s been actively deleting comments about these issues on his own pages and now considers cosplayers “irrelevant” to his work (screenshot included). His accounts were temporarily deactivated.

UPDATE 11/4/14: “Jim Logan” finally responded! Only because I posted this.

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Blue and Gold and Better Than Ever

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are back! Justice League 3000 heralds the triumphant return of our favorite dynamic duo (step aside, Batman and Robin). But how is this possible when Ted Kord was wiped from the DC Universe with the New 52 reboot? Good question. Lucky for you, I sat down with Russ Burlingame from comicbook.com to work it all out!

Above: Justice League 3000 cover art by Howard Porter