Loki is Bisexual?!

Is Loki really batting for both teams in February? Wasn’t he married? Did he really turn into a chick onc— twi— a bunch of times? These answers and more in this brief history lesson/discussion about our favorite god of mischief!

Right! So, before you read the following or watch the video above, please note that there will be spoilers for Marvel’s Siege, Journey into Mystery, and Young Avengers. If you haven’t caught up, I’ll give you some time to navigate away and look up funny cat montages.

Still with me? O-K!

In case you hadn’t heard, Loki will be the star of his very own book come February, titled Loki: Agent of Asgard. That’s pretty exciting, but what really seemed to stir up fans recently was this bit of news from the book’s writer, Al Ewing:

Yes, Loki is bi and I’ll be touching on that. He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.

Fans seem to have split into three camps on this:

  1. No, Loki has always been straight! Do not want.
  2. Oh, snap, we knew he was bisexual all along! Do want.
  3. This feels like a cheap plot device and ill representation of bisexuality and possibly gender fluidity. Not sure if want.

Let’s pick apart the arguments and learn a little about our favorite god of mischief along the way, shall we?

Loki's Children by Sandara
Loki’s Children by Sandara

1. “Loki has always been completely straight.” Well, yes and no. While all of Loki’s relationships that we know of have up until now been with women, he’s not exactly Captain America whitebread dunked in vanilla in terms of sexuality. Let me explain:

  • Loki is, in Marvel comics, the biological father to Fenrir (a giant wolf) and Jordmungand (a giant snake). He had these children with a shapeshifter like himself, but Valhalla knows what form he must have taken in order to conceive these creatures. Similarly, in the Norse myth that inspires much of Marvel Loki’s history, he shapeshifted into a female horse and got knocked up by a stallion to produce Odin’s eight-legged mount, Sleipnir. I am absolutely not suggesting that these facts imply bisexuality, but considering his outlandish tastes, it seems kind of silly to get upset over the idea that Loki just might not be interested in women exclusively. He’s a pretty open-minded dude.
  • At the same time, Loki is a character who uses sex more as a weapon than as something for enjoyment, which means it’s difficult to even place him anywhere on the Kinsey scale. Did you know he was married? Yeah, married! Of course, he tricked the goddess Sigyn into marrying him and could care less about her now. No, seriously, he was handcuffed to her as a punishment once. She’s never really mentioned in the comics these days… even after Ragnarok, in which we assume she went kaput. Loki does not make a caring husband.
  • He also doesn’t maintain contact with the mothers of his kids. In fact, the only reason he even had those kids was to forge power alliances with their moms. The one child he does occasionally contact is Hela, and that’s because she’s the queen of Hel and can pull strings for him. His children were conceived for convenience, probably not as products of affection or lust. Loki’s fondness for women, therefore, isn’t exactly a sure thing. In fact, his fondness for any sex isn’t a sure thing. He could even be considered asexual at some points.
Thor in a Dress
This is a real thing that happened in the comics

2. “Loki has been bisexual all along.” I was in this camp at first… But Loki having always been obviously bisexual is a little difficult to say, too. His interests aren’t exactly plain, yes (he put Thor in a dress once and kind of… flirted with him?). Such tastes don’t equate to bisexuality either, though. The guy also has a real penchant for turning into chicks, the most notable example of which was when he borr– all right, stole Sif’s body. He’s also assumed the Scarlet Witch’s form and kissed a man, etc. etc. You would think these examples hint at gender fluidity, but he’s only changed his sex (the physical outside bits) not necessarily his gender (what he feels like inside), and the only reason he did so was to manipulate others. I like to think the fact he does it so much means part of him must enjoy it, but that’s impossible to say for sure.

Perhaps the strongest argument for Loki having always having encompassed some degree of queerness is the fact that he comes from a world that does not, for all we know, impose the same heteronormative standards as earth. He’s a god/alien/what-have-you from an entirely different plane of existence. I don’t recall coming across evidence suggesting Asgardians were especially closed off to the idea of batting for both teams, so it’s possible he’s open to doing so.

Loki as the Scarlet Witch in Mighty Avengers
Loki as the Scarlet Witch in Mighty Avengers

3. “This is a cheap marketing ploy and/or misrepresenting bisexuals and/or genderfluid individuals.” In terms of misrepresenting a real population or turning Loki into some kind of “evil queer” trope, especially with how he’s used the female form as a tool just to mess with folks in the past… Well, I completely understand wanting to avoid connecting genderfluidity and bisexualism, two underrepresented facets in this medium, with misogyny, manipulation and a number of gross things. But even if Loki is bisexual and genderfluid, which we can’t assume, that’s not necessarily awful. We know that this fictional character does not represent a real group of people.

There can be heterosexuals who do bad things (see the abusive Hank Pym), there can be homosexuals who do bad things (see Amazon/Man-Killer—or don’t, because her characterization is ridiculous), there can be bisexuals who do bad things (see Daken)… alternatively, there can be heterosexuals (on the surface, at least) who do good things (see Superman), homosexuals who do good things (see Northstar), bisexuals who do good things (see Prodigy). I don’t necessarily think it’s unhealthy to be offered this diversity in comics, though of course it should strive to be even on both sides, with both “bad” characters and “good” characters of all orientations. And that doesn’t always happen.

The current Loki changing forms in Young Avengers
The current Loki changing forms in Young Avengers

Now, you just learned a whole lot about Loki, but all of it referred to the character from older comics. The specific version that Al Ewing is referring to, the one he’s writing as bisexual in February, is the Loki presently featured in Young Avengers. Let me recap the story thus far so you know who I’m talking about, here.

  • Loki was kind of a douche during Siege. He did some pretty Bad Things. Towards the end, however, he repented and helped the good guys. Unfortunately, he still died.
  • But he came back somehow, because that’s what Loki does! He reincarnated as a little kid with very little memory of the man he once was in Journey into Mystery. He was a new person and strove to make better choices. He didn’t want to become the Loki everyone hated before. This was the “new Loki personality.”
  • Of course, more stuff happened and the “old Loki personality”—from before Siege—took over kid Loki’s body, erasing the “new Loki personality” that we had just started to root for. So now, it’s old Loki in a new body… though “new Loki personality” still pops up occasionally as a sort of conscience-ghost.

Theoretically that sounds terrible, but Loki’s actually doing well so far! He seems to feel guilt and some degree of sympathy. He helps his friends even when there is little in it for him. He’s part of a team that strives to do good. He’s also surrounded by queer teammates (Wiccan, Hulkling, Prodigy), so any hesitation he did feel about experimenting with or expressing his own sexuality might be eased. He wants, on some level, to change and grow, which opens up the opportunity for writers to introduce elements of his persona (including his sexuality) that we never saw before in an organic (rather than forced) way. It’s less a marketing tactic and more character development.

Kid Loki on the Young Avengers team
Kid Loki on the Young Avengers team

To quote Cecil Baldwin, voice of the popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale,

Being gay is not a plot point. It’s not a token that you can say, ‘Look, we have a gay character! Isn’t that great? Aren’t we awesome?’ It’s part of a person and therefore it should be treated as such. It should be one facet of a character rather than the defining description of that character. And I hope that we have, through the writing and the performance of it, we have kind of struck that balance, where the audience learns something more about [our characters], not dependent on their sexuality, but in addition to their sexuality.

So, hey, as long as it’s done right—which we’ll see next year—then I figure… why not?

Big, huge, special thanks to the following people for helping me expand my thoughts about this topic in a constructive way:

I’ve been thinking about doing a series showcasing queer characters in mainstream comics just to show how well or poorly written they can be… If that’s something you’d be interested in, post a comment below with your suggestion for the first video.

Until next time, stay mischievous!

Art used with permission:
Happy Mother’s Day
Loki, Horse Enthusiast
Loki’s Children

Header/thumbnail image (modified) from Gillen and McKelvie’s Young Avengers #11.


  1. Chia November 7, 2013 at 4:26 PM

    Like you said… Yes and not. Loki mocking Thor by to put on him a dress isn’t a proof of bisexuality or else. Specially if that story is an adaptation by the myth, but without “Loki wears a dress too” like in the original piece.
    When Loki pretend to be Scarlet, Clint Barton kiss her/him by force and he/she is livid about it.
    So… cling to the actual facts.
    There are stories where the sexuality of Thor was questioned too, but that were jokes.
    Yes, Loki in the myth is bisexual. But in the myth he is the uncle of Thor, and not his brother. Marvel did changes.
    So, can Loki be bi? Yes, probably. The continuity of Thor and co. isn’t so stiff.
    Was he bisexual all along in the comics? Absolutely not.

    1. ilikecomicstoo November 7, 2013 at 4:41 PM

      Whether he can be or can’t be isn’t so much the question anymore, since we already know he will be queer come February.

      It’s also difficult to definitively say that he hasn’t been bisexual previously, considering we’re not his writers. He’s ranged from seemingly asexual to married with a woman, etc., depending on his incarnation; it wouldn’t be surprising if Al decided to say that he’s always been bisexual, but never explored his interests previously in stories that we’ve read. We all know that having relationships with women or being married to one does not mean a man is exclusively heterosexual.

      Really, we can pull up all the silly stories or apparent evidence we want, but how Al will pull this off is ultimately speculation until the title actually comes out.

  2. Alex November 9, 2013 at 7:59 PM

    I would also consider the possibility of him being pansexual, than just bisexual, since he is the god of mischief and can change form.

    1. ilikecomicstoo November 9, 2013 at 9:45 PM

      Pansexuality is certainly an option. If I’m not mistaken, he did seem pansexual in the Norse mythology.

  3. VoxAngel November 22, 2013 at 3:16 AM

    I wish writers wouldn’t give these types of spoilers and just let the stories tell us these things organically.
    On a more interesting note, I wonder if we will be seeing two Lokis soon! I’ve been reading some fear that when AoA starts up, Loki will be leaving Young Avengers. But as of the last two pages of Young Avengers 12? Hummmmm…. I would seriously lick a toad to have a ‘good-ish’ and ‘less good’ version of our fav trickster running around.

    1. ilikecomicstoo November 28, 2013 at 12:42 AM

      I would too! I just loved the original version of kid!Loki.

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  6. Ryan April 4, 2014 at 4:06 AM

    I personally thought of Loki’s sexuality, I guess like your video stated pointed out I saw him more or less asexual/pansexual. In the likes of Daken who uses sex and sexuality as a weapon/tool. I do hope we get to see Female Loki come back because she was my favorite Loki even though she had no eyebrows which kind of concerned me. Like seriously s/he couldn’t learn from a drag queen and pencil them.

    On the last part I think the Queer Characters would be very fascinating and interesting. Because while there are queer characters out there in comics they’re hardly pushed to mainstream, and when they are sometimes it’s a publicity thing. Like the Northstar marriage, like he’s pushed into the spot light then back in obscurity. The character’s I’d recommend are Hercules from Marvel especially the X-Treme X-Men one, Batwoman because she’s awesome, Karma the forgotten first lesbian in Marvel, Mystique on how she’s bisexual yet has only really been with Destiny, and Bunker who was introduced as the first gay member of the Teen Titans.

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