My Cosplay: Blue Beetle III

Woah, my first “real” cosplay! This was my first time designing a costume and having it custom made. It was a real blast and huge learning experience!

Character: Blue Beetle III (genderbent version) from DC Comics
San Diego Comic-Con 2013
Cosplayer & Designer:
Marlene (“ilikecomicstoo”)
Costume Construction: Stephanie Elise
Scarab/Functional Backpack Construction:
Elegy Clothing

This costume was featured on FOX 5, ComicsAlliance, The Mary Sue, the Heroes of Cosplay GetGlue page, and the Cosplayer at SDCC 2013 book (page 117). Woo-hoo!

See more photos and find out the inspiration for this costume on my Tumblr blog!

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