Attack on Titan: Escape from the Walled City

Team Freckled Jesus (i.e., my friends and I named after Marco Bott, who died for our sins) made an appearance at the official Attack on Titan: Escape from the Walled City event in NYC!

It was the last stop of the tour, so I was more than pleased that we got to make it and try our hand at solving the admittedly very difficult Attack on Titan-themed puzzles. I wasn’t so pleased with the day’s conclusion, but… well, you can see what happened in the video above.

A bit of last minute cosplay
Team Freckled Jesus
Team Freckled Jesus
Our map of the "city"
Our map of the “city”
"Freckled Jesus" (Marco Bott) eventually failed us
“Freckled Jesus” (Marco Bott) eventually failed us


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