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Mar 06

Custom Funko POP!s and more: check out this gallery of all my toy creations and don’t forget to visit the NEW webshop to place an order for your own!

Feb 13

VIDEO: The relaunch of Ms. Marvel has stirred up some heated opinions about how the comic industry is changing. Do women’s voices really matter in this niche market?

Feb 11
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Reviews for February 5, 2014: WOLVERINE #1 BATMAN: JOKER’S DAUGHTER #1 LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #1 ALL-NEW MS. MARVEL #1 Featuring the fab new intro by thepivotsxxd! AMG ANIMATED ME. Read more detailed reviews for WOLVERINE #1 and BATMAN: JOKER’S DAUGHTER #1 over on Newsarama, yo!

Feb 07

The Questions 1: What are you wearing? A blue turtleneck (because it’s very cold here in NY), a Batman cap (because of reasons) and PJ bottoms. 2: Ever been in love? Yes! I’m the type that’s very reserved with romantic love, though. I mean, I love everyone, but falling in love with someone is a […]

Feb 03

VIDEO: an in-depth look at the newest animated DC film, available now on DVD, Blu-ray or digital download. How does the New 52 Justice League stack up against previous incarnations?

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