Adventures in YouTube Space NY

This week I headed over to the brand new YouTube Space NY to unlock access, take a tour and marvel at tons of equipment and gear that I didn’t even know the names of.

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CLOSED: Mockingjay Review + GIVEAWAY!

CONTEST IS CLOSED. Congrats, Benjamin!

Have I mentioned how much I love my job? Because I love my job. Last Wednesday, Tumblr took us out for a treat: a pre-screening of Mockingjay. I read The Hunger Games over a year ago and I’ve been a huge fan ever since, so just try to imagine the sounds I made when we received the invitation. Check out my review below and make sure you enter the contest for a chance to win an official Katniss poster!

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COSPLAY WARNING: Don’t order from Jim Logan Props!

Hello, Internet! I’m here with a very important public service announcement regarding one of the most notorious con artists in the cosplay community, “Jim Logan” of Logan Props and I Am Your Heroes. So, if you’re a cosplayer, aspiring cosplayer, cosplay admirer, photographer, entertainer, comic book fan or any combination of the afore-mentioned, please read the post below in its entirety. I’ll be talking about who this man is, why he’s built such a bad reputation, how he scammed me out of half a grand and the personal experiences of countless others. Here we go!

* IF YOU HAVE ALSO BEEN SCAMMED: please see the bottom of this post for how to report fraud!

UPDATE 11/11/14 (see bottom of page): “Jim” has posted a “short” (4,000 word) statement addressing recent criticisms. Oh, boy. tl;dr version at bottom.

UPDATE 11/7/14: He’s been deactivating and reactivating his pages in response to the negative press, nobody is surprised. He has also been messaging past victims, often rather rudely.

UPDATE 11/5/14: Tons of reports are coming in from others who have been scammed, too. He’s been actively deleting comments about these issues on his own pages and now considers cosplayers “irrelevant” to his work (screenshot included). His accounts were temporarily deactivated.

UPDATE 11/4/14: “Jim Logan” finally responded! Only because I posted this.

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REVIEW: X-Men: Days of Future Past

We can finally get our mitts on the DVD/Blu-ray and digital versions of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, packed with fun extras and deleted scenes. Woo-hoo!

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Blue and Gold and Better Than Ever

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are back! Justice League 3000 heralds the triumphant return of our favorite dynamic duo (step aside, Batman and Robin). But how is this possible when Ted Kord was wiped from the DC Universe with the New 52 reboot? Good question. Lucky for you, I sat down with Russ Burlingame from comicbook.com to work it all out!

Above: Justice League 3000 cover art by Howard Porter

DCTV: The Chronicle of DC Comics Television

If you want to learn a little about the history of DC Comics in television before tuning in to Gotham, Constantine and The Flash this fall, here’s your chance. Get a crash course in my newest collab with ReelSchool!

Daredevil VS Ghost Rider: Which is Worse?

Hey, look, it’s me on Movie Feuds!

Watch as I diss Cage’s acting and Adam makes horrible puns in my newest collaboration video. Personally, I think Ghost Rider is way worse, but then… I’m not a big Cage fan. Which do you think is the bigger fail?

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MAGNETO #9 Review

My review of MAGNETO #9 is up on Newsarama! I randomly picked this title and caught up over the weekend… and I’m so glad I did. Really satisfying series to read, even though this particular issue was a little wishy-washy. Sets up the upcoming AXIS event with the Red Skull, too!

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Secrets! | Funko HQ Visit & Tour

Here’s the deal: I’m a big Funko fan. Big Funko fan. I have more POP!s than any one person ought to, and I am not ashamed. They’re adorable and addictive and I want all of them. So when I given the opportunity to visit Funko headquarters in Washington, I may have lost my mind a little bit. Click through for a recap and lots of photos!

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